Rodney Thurman is changing the image of pop country music.

With his projects, "A Cause to Rise", and "West", Rodney mightily brought to light his talents of songwriting and musicianship for both fans and music professionals.

Now, after self-producing his new energy-driven single "Gravity", Rodney sets his crosshairs straight towards pop country charts.

Rodney adds, “For this new album, I’m taking it back to the beginning... Just me in a room with my instruments playing whatever my heart tells me. I wanted to focus on being the truest form of myself. I feel that energy is going to leap out of the speakers and its going to resonate."

There is no doubt Rodney stands unique in country music. His differences push the envelope of what country is and can be. It's a strength that is sure to sway fans to country music that may not have given it a chance before.